Sunday, January 28, 2007

My wound

My wound
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On New Year's Day I was following my routine for lunch and making a can of soup. I had the soup can in my right hand and with my left I reached over to stove for a Corningware pot. When it slipped from my grasp, my left hand automatically descended to try to grab it before it hit the countertop. My hand arrived a split second too late and was impaled on a shard of Corningware. I knew it was bad (lots of redness and gapingness) and I made some groaning sounds which my youngest daughter heard from the adjoining room. She found me rinsing my gushing wound over the sink. She remained calm and drove me to the emergency room where I had to sit and bleed on the carpet for a while. We managed to reach my wife and other daughter before they returned to the house to find us missing with blood everywhere. I finally got 7 stitches along my "head" line on my left palm. I also cut or nicked a nerve which supplies sensation to the middle and ring fingers of that hand. More on that later.


Anonymous said...

I hope your frankenhand is healing well.
Your sis...remember me?

Rick Broussard said...

Hand is almost all better. Strength is returning. Some sensation has returned to the "crotch" (for lack of a better term) between the affected fingers. Mid summer is when I should be able to feel with the fingertips again. Meanwhile, my hand has become afraid of fire and villagers with pitchforks.