Sunday, November 08, 2009

Out of Fuel

Out of Fuel, originally uploaded by Broussardish.

Fuel is an amazing little coffee shop in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. My daughter sent me a bag of their beans. It is gone. This makes me sad.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still there's more...

After my most consistent week of running (18 miles) I ran my most challenging route so far this morning (above). Just 3.5 miles, but with a long uphill stretch on Ironworks Rd. I've been reading Brendan Manning's book "Ruthless Trust" as a morning devotional, and today I realized that, while my running has been increasing in quality and duration, I've never really dedicated a run to the Lord. I guess I'm so "cliche-averse" I miss out on lots of obvious opportunities like that. Anyway, I chose to do so this morning, and that's what inspired me to break off of my standard 3-mile neighborhood run. I didn't do anything too fancy, just kept thanking God for things along the way. This seemed to keep me focused on this "dedication" and somewhere along the way I found myself adapting Todd Rundgren's catchy song "International Feel" with new lyrics that expressed gratitude and amazement. His refrain "Still there's more..." lent itself nicely to my words (I'll have to jot them down later, although they aren't exactly poetry). The result of this bit of discipline, combined with the perfect running weather -- cool, damp and bright -- was a wonderfully visual experience with nature bursting into sight and drawing my eyes down long vistas and into green pockets I'd never noticed before. And over it all, the orb of the sky seemed to gaze down and take notice of the same details as I did, affirming them with extra light. People on my runs are always notable, like gravity wells to a passing asteroid. As I've taken to the same streets over and over, I've started to recognize a few other old shufflers like myself, some real runners and a number of dog walkers. We exchange that little flick of the fingers and a mumbled "namaste" (we actually say "morning" but the meaning is the same) that passes for a greeting when you are slightly winded. Anyway, just as I was nearing home and rounding the last curve from Sunset to Jordan Ave. I saw a man come out of his house with his schnauzer and his little plastic collection bag and he looked up and me and said, "Keep up the good work." I smiled and said thanks. Nothing like a little blessing to end a perfect run.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Transcript Gibberish

I needed a long interview transcribed, so I decided to run it through speech recognition software. I assumed it wouldn't be perfect, but at least I'd have a kind of baseline of the interview and I could correct the parts I wanted to use a lot more easily than typing the whole thing up -- or so I thought. The gibberish that resulted from the "transcription" was so alien to the actual speech that it was completely useless for my purposes, but it made a kind of weird poetry. Here's a "verbatim" paragraph:

[Speaker 0] he has to do that the students you can see the highlight of my way to Italy three I ran into me you think another thing about it the glass it was at the end the stories I can only announced Wednesday because that way well in my mind how security has been hit by one they called the hearing that is the Army with Jackson and Grant D Haren there's not a scary movie that is going to be their commercials are secure you know I think is so corrupt but I think the fact is there like if you treat it as going beyond that yes and bad with seventeen percent it's creepy a lot of them will be when you see it actually kind of oh it was pretty scared let me add one thing that yanked my inner light the once pristine and I know with my son yesterday an hour there is actually cheaper it's interesting which was a progression for me according to Cannon finally starting to laugh and scary movies because the technology is

Friday, May 15, 2009


OK, so I'm just posting this because my pirate loving, Ron Paul supporting daughter might find it amusing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Record Store Day: April 18
Wahoo. It's record store day. Born right here on our N.E. seacoast and now a national semi-phenom.
Buy music you can touch and it will touch you back.

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

R.I.P. Squawk

Our adopted feral cat Squawk died, I think a few days ago, defending his attic stronghold from invading raccoons.

I just buried him under the Rising Star Clematis at the corner of the tractor shed.

His body was found tangled in the insulation over the den, pretty torn up, but still proudly wearing his reflective flea collar, a symbol of his citizenship in the Broussard family where his memory will be cherished.

Bye Squawk. You always knew you were more than just a barn cat, even if we wouldn't let you into the house

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Mallove reward poster

> Here's a reward poster for the murderers of a good friend of mine. > I'm not especially into retribution, but I hope they find whoever > did this and put them away.
> I knew Mallove from stories I did on future science and then on the > weird scientific underworld of Cold Fusion research. He was a great > guy, brutally murdered for apparently nothing more than a petty > robbery. The randomness of the universe sometimes just sucks.


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This is a photo montage I made as a Phone Extention Director for our receptionist at work. It was a birthday present. She revels in "punking" people on their birthdays. She also has a severe aversion to feet. This was offered in friendship as a little aversive therapy.

"Sak vide pa kanpe."
— Creole Proverb

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

All Dressed Up for NHTA

Here's Daniel, his girlfriend Olivia, Jemi and me. We all got gussied up for New Hampshire Theatre Awards 7 on Feb. 6, 2009. It was probably the most successful awards night yet, at least in terms of crowds and energy and serendipity (sometimes melancholy). A frequent nominee of the event has been the famous and beloved James Whitmore, who performs just about every summer for the Peterborough Players. He died the day of the awards and we learned about it when the manager of the Players asked if he could say a few words before the annual memorial video, honoring those who has passed in the previous year. Whitmore made a number of other "appearances" through the night, including a couple of comic references to him in skits that had been filmed beforehand (one actor groused on camera, blaming him for making it impossible for anyone else to take home a Best Actor award), in a short clip from his last performance on the Peterborough stage this summer (as the Stage Manager in "Our Town"), and, most profoundly, in an acceptance speech. Academy Award writer Ernest Thompson received a Lifetime Achievement Award that night and after some other remarks, noted that he had spoken to Whitmore, a long-time friend, earlier that week. He had told Whitmore that it seemed like the Lifetime award should be going to him, instead: "because, you know, you're older," explained Thompson. He knew that Whitmore was ill (with cancer) and promised to dedicate the award to him. Naturally, he did, in the most emotional moment of the night.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie Logo

I created this for a Concord High School production of Bye Bye Birdie. It was never used. Nonetheless, I like it's contemporary sloppiness. Looks like an expensive T-shirt design to me. Maybe I should go into expensive T-shirt designing.

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