Sunday, April 27, 2008

tight shot

tight shot, originally uploaded by Broussardish.

We were visiting colleges in the Midwest (go figure) with Biz and at Carleton in Northfield, MN, we got to hang out with a couple of students we know. Famous Concord High drummer Pete Jones showed us a couple of places not on the student tour, like a stone labyrinth on a little island and a cool Japanese garden where we took this photo. Later on, we had Indian food with Hillary Adams, the lovely former stage manager of numerous Concord High plays (including Les Mis), at a little restaurant called the Kurry Kabab in a strip mall. This also, in a way, was a step outside the official tour, since the admissions guy, at the end of his presentation, mentioned this great Indian restaurant right down town that was supposed to be the best in the Minneapolis region. Hillary said that every tour gets that spiel and that there must be some kind of kick back because the Kurry Kabab is better. The Kabab was great and there was enough left over for us to send a large fragrant doggie bag back to Hillary's dorm. Both Carleton and Cornell College in central Iowa were pretty wonderful. The trip was pleasant although we spent a lot of it driving or cramped into airplanes.