Friday, June 16, 2006

Spume of Summer

Spume of Summer
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My funny wife read somewhere on the Internet that if you drop Mentos into soda pop it results in a spectaucular geyser. Since today was the last day of school she decided to bring the elements to Concord High School for an experiment when she went to pick up the girls. Apparently the first attempt resulted in ginger ale spurting into someone's nostrils. They regrouped and tried again with an improvised funnel and Jemi had her camera ready. This time it worked perfectly and she captured the spume at its peak. It seems like a metaphor for the last day of school, so here it is. Happy summer!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Respond to This


Bresette Theatre Productions announces the New England premier of "The Pen!s Responds!" by Oscar winning writer Ernest Thompson.

BT Productions is a new theater company with a unique mission — to bring theatre to the masses with a "pay what you can" admission based on the idea that quality live theater should be for everyone.

Josh Bresette had the dream of starting a non-profit theatre company, which would offer high-quality drama and comedies but bring "something different" to the live theatre experience. "I have had this in mind for a while, and Billy Butler was the perfect person to help me kick it off. He is a theatrical force to be reckoned with," says Bresette.

BTProductions will launch their 2006 season with the New England premier of "The Pen!s Responds", by Ernest Thompson known for his play, "On Golden Pond," which earned him an Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy award. This 90 minute tour de force will have you laughing, weeping, and squirming in your seat. Josh Bresette and Billy Butler are the two-man cast, and will play a multitude of characters including women, men, children and aging queens. Bresette describes the play simply as, "Two actors playing twenty four characters in twelve scenes about 1 subject!"

Says Butler, "It's a great show and we are aroused by the chance to expose it to the seacoast. This is the perfect chance to share the love with theatre fans who are looking for something different."

"The Pen!s Responds!" opens at The West Studio Theatre in Portsmouth, NH on June 2nd and runs through June 18th. With two nightly performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 and 10 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm. The show then moves to the Portland Stage Company, in Portland Maine, June 23rd through July 9th. Finally, the Boston Center for the Arts, July 22 through August 5th. Due to subject matter, this production is not appropriate for young children. For tickets call 603-430-0770 or visit

"Unnecessary failures are the ones where an artist tries to second guess an audience's taste, and little comes out of that situation except a kind of inward humiliation."
David Bowie

Tag, I'm It

I got "tagged" recently by Kristen to list these groups of "favorites with kids"... This is apparently one of those self-propagating list deals, but unlike the ones for youngsters that ask things like "name your crush" this one is geared to parenting. OK. I'm cool with that. It needs to be understood that I'm almost done with the close-quarters, hands-on parenting phase. My urchins are in high school and college. Sadly, we don't really do all that much as a group any more. Here's what I came up with.

Four places I'd like to take my kids on vacation

1. Big Sur
2. Dominique
3. British Isles
4. Some desparately poor country -- Haiti or India -- to show them how good they've got it.

Four shows I like to watch with my kids

1. Gilmore Girls
2. Everwood (now cancelled, alas)
3. American Idol
4. Saturday Night Live

Four restaurants I like to go to with my kids

1. Bagel Works
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Moritomo
4. Arnies

Four things I want my kids to be good at

1. Listening
2. Understanding
3. Communicating
4. Caring

Four websites I visit daily

1. (It's the default on my browser.)
2. Drudge Report( Just to be sure the world is still there.)
3. Ernesto's and/or Kristen's (OK, I don't visit every day, but often enough)
4. Area 603

Four people I'll tag with this

This is embarrasing, since the point of these self-propagating Web dealies is to spread them around, but the truth is, I don't know that many people with blogs and kids. My kids have blogs. None of my siblings do. The few close friends I know to have blogs are Kristen and Ernesto.