Friday, June 16, 2006

Spume of Summer

Spume of Summer
Originally uploaded by Broussardish.
My funny wife read somewhere on the Internet that if you drop Mentos into soda pop it results in a spectaucular geyser. Since today was the last day of school she decided to bring the elements to Concord High School for an experiment when she went to pick up the girls. Apparently the first attempt resulted in ginger ale spurting into someone's nostrils. They regrouped and tried again with an improvised funnel and Jemi had her camera ready. This time it worked perfectly and she captured the spume at its peak. It seems like a metaphor for the last day of school, so here it is. Happy summer!


Dad--Bruce said...

Rick--your Dad, here. Thats a great piece of home chemistry. Have you tried to propel a small toy rocket using this technlogy?

Cat J. said...

Gingerale up the old nose is no fun! I love fun experiments like that. Max is all about chemistry right now. We recently learned of tucking an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a film canister with a bit of water, closing it up and waiting for the big blow out. Fun stuff!