Thursday, September 07, 2006

Happy Anniversary

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In the future, when the robots take over and treat humanity like an exotic breed of cats who require space and pampering, I suspect that all we'll do is lie on plush mats and bat a mouse around to navigate the "Ultranet" (or whatever they will call it). I'm glad that there already are some cats with enough free time on their hands to come up with stuff like this (visit to create your own). At a record sale in downtown Concord this summer I picked up a batch of cassettes for a buck apiece and I've been enjoying the fidelity and ease of use (my car has a cassette deck, so to play a CD requires two adaptors and all the wires and a place to put the portable CD player). Since then, I've been singing the praises of the cassette. It was such a durable format. I still have a few of them from the 70s that play just fine. I somehow doubt that any CDs that are getting steady use will hold up as well. When I discovered this fun little cassette label generator, it seemed appropriate to use it to acknowledge the most durable format of my life, my marriage to my band-mate Jemi. Our 21st anniversary was last week, and we exchanged notes and had dinner and such, but it wasn't quite as sentimental as it ought to have been. Here's a chance to declare my eternal love in music, without having to actually sing. And you don't want to hear me sing, trust me.