Sunday, January 16, 2005

South Street North

I've been resisting this whole blog thing too long. Now it seems a bit pathetic, trying to write something that people will care to read in such an overpopulated universe. It's sort of like standing on a street corner at rush hour in the city, hoping that someone will notice you and invite you home for dinner. But, stranger things have happened. In fact, I was once standing on a street corner (actually at a train terminal) in a strange (to me) city (actually, Beverly Mass.) and someone noticed me and put me up for the night. The next morning, he and his girlfriend made me hash and eggs and sent me on my way. I had never had hash and eggs before and they were delicious. This was my very first day in New England. I was on my way to visit a friend in Cambridge, I had hitched a ride on a private plane and, frankly, had no clear plan on how to get to where I was going. I've never forgotten that bit of kindness. I even remember the guy's name: Kip.

Hi, Kip, whereever you are.

I guess I'll dedicate this blog to you.

It seems less pathetic already.


Rick Broussard said...

Speaking of pathetic, here's me, owner of the blog, writing my own first comment. I just wanted to see how it works. Honest.

Anonymous said...

Yep...pathetic. But in a likeable sort of way...

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief, stop being so humble. You're at the top of my list of favorite writers and pathetic is not a word I've ever used in a sentence with your name.
Blog often--I'm reading.
--Your very proud sister